Through execution, clearing and servicing of customized futures and/or options positions, Acuvest Brokers offers assistance to hedgers interested in adjusting risk where there exists substantial financial exposure to a cash market.

Of course, reduction of risk in this way creates a corresponding potential limitation or “locking in” of profits or losses on hedged transactions. This type of futures trading is often narrower in scope than speculative trading in diversified futures programs, thereby requiring more broker attention to the nuances of a particular market for hedge clients.  The Acuvest Brokers team provides assistance in implementing custom hedging programs including choices of electronic or floor execution, establishment of clearing accounts, as well as margin and risk analysis.  At the direction of clients, hedging strategies can be adjusted to give larger or smaller levels of protection or even to use futures and option contracts as a proxy for increasing exposure to a given market.

If you are looking to adjust financial risk in a physical market through the use of futures or options, speak with an Acuvest Brokers professional to discuss your specific needs.

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