Professional Traders/Proprietary Accounts

The client service staff all have the knowledge and skills required to serve the needs of industry professionals who are managing personal funds or the proprietary funds of corporate entities owned or operated by them.

Whether futures and options are the main focus, or part of a portfolio of diverse asset classes, the Acuvest team can tailor services to fit the needs of proprietary traders. The accounts may be institutional, commercial or individual, but they all have professional status, requiring a high level of customization and unique solutions to ensure that clients benefit from the true value added by Acuvest Brokers.

The team approach to support services allows for special handling of complex futures and option strategies as well as post trade recapping, allocation, reconciliation and reporting.  The Acuvest Brokers team aids professional traders in navigating the international futures marketplace.

If you are a professional trader operating proprietary futures, options or Forex accounts, tell Acuvest what you are looking for from your brokerage relationships. One of the knowledgeable staff will follow up with you to explore the host of solutions available through Acuvest Brokers.

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