Futures Services

Acuvest Brokers caters to the high standards and requirements of professional customers who seek tailored services in the futures industry.

The firm provides specialized futures, options and foreign exchange related services to both established and emerging Commodity Trading Advisors, Fund Managers, Professional Traders, Managed Futures Investors, Hedgers and Sophisticated Traders.

The team at Acuvest takes pride in delivering a thorough and comprehensive array of quality solutions for clients, including:

  • Customized execution solutions- choice of electronic platforms, phone execution, or a combination
  • Order handling for large and/or complex futures and options transactions
  • RJ O’Brien & Associates clearing services
  • Give-up or give-in back office services
  • Order allocation
  • Recaps and activity/position status review
  • Trade clearing and statement reconciliation
  • Electronic account information delivery
  • Hedging consultation, analysis and implementation
  • Rapid trade issue resolution
  • Proactive margin and risk evaluation
  • Asset allocation assessment
  • Networking introductions and recommendations
  • Quantitative and fundamental market research and consultation
  • Comprehensive technical research
  • Guided accounts

All services are supported by the easily accessible experienced group at Acuvest Brokers.

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