About Us

Acuvest Brokers caters to the high standards and requirements of professional customers who seek tailored investment services.

The firm provides access to and assistance with all aspects of financial futures, commodity futures and options thereon to both established and emerging Commodity Trading Advisors, Fund Managers, Professional Traders, Managed Futures Investors, Hedgers and Sophisticated Traders worldwide.

Renée Wilson established Acuvest Brokers with experienced and knowledgeable colleagues who have worked together as a team, fully engaged in financial services for decades.

The purpose of this Introducing Broker is to add value to and stand apart from typical client-broker relationships. Acuvest Brokers achieves this by effectively responding to client requests while keeping abreast of markets, trading technology, industry trends,  and specific needs of traders. In doing so, the firm has developed a well earned reputation for responsiveness and focus on details with clients and counterparties alike. It is this reputation that distinguishes Acuvest Brokers from other Introducing Brokers. The group’s collective knowledge and experience is constantly building as the firm continues to work in the growth areas of the futures industry on behalf of market participants.

The firm’s client base is international and the customers’ needs are as diverse as the markets they trade in. The Acuvest team enjoys longstanding relationships with many clients who have grown and managed their businesses with the valuable assistance of the experienced professionals below.


Acuvest Brokers is registered as an Introducing Broker with the National Futures Association (NFA).

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